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Compost - Helpful insects and chickens?

on Tue, 06/14/2011 - 20:35

Helpful insects / decomposers and chickens

A friend of mine has good number of chickens and other poultry and wants to wean them off of store-bought food - at least in the summer. In addition to scratching around in his yard he'd like to let them dig for insects in his compost pile.

Does anyone know of insects or other decomposers native to Interior AK that could be used (introduced) to both help with compost and feed his birds?

Do any businesses sell something like this?

Helpful insects / decomposers and chickens

We put redworms in our compost pile in the spring.  They help decompose.  I suppose you could let the chickens eat them too.  They don't survive the winter in Fairbanks.